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General candle care + Wick Trimming

  • No need to Trim the wick. We've done that for you and it's ready to light. For wood wicks keep in mind that wood wicks can take several times to light. Unlike our regular cotton wicks. Note: When relighting the wood wick it's easier to relight if you don't take the charred part off the wood wick.  And of course if your flame seems to high then extinguish the flame, trim and relight.

  • Burn your candle for up to 3-4 hours at a time.  It’s very important that the first time you use the candle to burn it long enough for the melted wax to reach the edges of the container.  This prevents the wax from building up and possibly tunneling during future use.

  • The best way to fix candle tunneling is to prevent it from happening in the first place. And it’s very simple, too. To prevent tunneling, all you need to do is burn your candle long enough each time so that the entire top surface of wax is melted. This is especially important the first time you burn your candle

  • Never leave a candle burning unattended or within reach of a draft, pets, or small children.

  • If the flame seems high or the container is too hot in the midst of burning, simply extinguish the flame, let it cool down, trim the wick and restart!

What are Scent Notes?

A candle has three types of notes, a top note, a middle note, and a base note.  A top note is the first scent you ‘experience’ when the candle first burns or when you smell it when it is unlit. 

Then, the middle notes, which can also be called heart notes, are the scent results after the top note has faded a little.  This scent that you experience consists of the middle notes of the candle fragrance.

Finally, you then have the base note, which are the scents that reveal itself as the candle is lit and burning at a full melt pool (top layer is melted).  It can take up to an hour or so for this to occur.  So what is the true and actual scent of the candle?  That would be the mix of the middle notes and base notes. 

How long will my candle or wax melt last?

  • Candles that are 10-12 oz will last around ~70-80+ hours and are well suited for larger, open areas in your home or studio

  • Candles that are 8-9 oz will last ~50+ hours and are well suited for small-medium sized areas in your home or studio

  • Candles that are 5-7 oz will last ~25-40+ hours and are great for bathrooms, bedside tables and smaller, cozy spots in your home

  • Wax melts for Wax Warmers will vary depending on how big your warmer is and how many cubes you are using. But normal use will be 25-40+ hours

Why Soy Wax?

Good quality, natural and healthier. This paraffin free wax is specifically formulated for container candles and wax warmers. It's 100% vegetable based

Why wood wicks?

Not only do they provide a subtle crackling sound, they're organic, non-toxic and eco-friendly. The Wicks are made with American cherry wood, clips are stainless steel.

How many cubes of wax melts should I use?

Depending on how big your wax melter is, you should start off with 2 to 3 cubes. If wall wax melter start off with 1 cube. Never over fill your wax warmer. You can always add as you see it melting. 

Can I reuse my candle container? How?

YES!  We want you to reuse after you use your candle.  A great way to make this happen is easy:

  • Place your container in the freezer

  • Remove the container after a few hours and dislodge the wax

  • Rock the wick holder back and forth to wiggle free from the container (this takes a little elbow grease)

  • Wipe clean

Check out some ways to Re-purpose our products below


Take a look at what some of our customers are doing with our products after they are done using them.

Want to share a picture or video of your repurposed item of ours? Just email us and tell us about it

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Reusing our candle tins

Donna Stamper reused the Campfire Coffee tin mug to use as a little espresso mug.  While using the "In the Woods" empty candle tin for fuel to boil her coffee pot over.

Thank you Donna for sharing.

Check out her video and her channel here.

An Alternative use for wax melts.

 "My leather jacket zipper was barely operating. I lightly lubed the zipper with a cube of "Evergreen Forest" wax.  It made the zipper run smoothly and added a subtle scent to my jacket".

- Bradley N. 

Awesome tip Bradley. Thanks

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