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Spring-ing Ahead

Oh it's so nice to know that warmer weather is coming. Getting to enjoy the outside. Seeing nature come back to life. Speaking of coming back to life, being Easter is in April and just a few days away. It's all about Jesus coming back to life after death. I hope everyone has a great Easter remembering what it really means as you look outside after a long winter and begin to see life come alive. Jesus paid the price so that we all could live an eternal life.

And speaking of life...this month starts us off with an event going into May with several more events. So be sure to check out our event locations on our home page. And enjoy getting out and having fun.

Just a note to let you all know that we sell Wax Warmers at all our events. I haven't posted on our website because these wax warmers go to quickly. But if you come to an event you will see our collections and if you purchase one, you get a free wax melt of your choice. Just one of the perks to coming to an event.

Have a wonderful Spring and we hope to see you soon at an event


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