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Happy March

Updated: Mar 18

Spring is almost here. Yay! It's been a long winter here in Reno NV. I'm sure most of you can say the same. But, we've made the most of it and made some new products. New Soaps, and New Wax Melts are available online now. So many scents to pick from, you'll just have to go take a look. We added a monthly Subscription for our Wax Melts for those of you who really like one scent. The plus on the Subscription is you pay a $1 less. Yeah! Who doesn't like a discount. We'll be doing the soaps next, so be looking for that.

There are sub pages now under Shop "Soaps", "Candles" and "Wax Melts" making it easier to shop. Still trying to get all our products up on the site. We have new Air Fresheners now too. I love these. Hoping to get those on the site at least by next month. But if you come to an event you can get them. Also, any products you don't see on our site and you bought it at an event feel free to email us about it.

I also want to mention that we do large quantities for gift bags as we just did a 300 order for an Engagement Event. So if you would like a large quantity just email us your request.

Lots of events coming up. So be sure to check this site at least once a month to make sure you don't miss any. And the best thing is longer, brighter days ahead. So keep your head up, have faith and Never look back.

Blessings to you all


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