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Well, if you have gotten to this page you have already seen that we have changed our business name. And we are super excited about it. We have already gotten many great comments on the name. We hope you like it. We were looking for a name that represented our products. And it just seem fitting to have the word Happy in there. Really all the scents we have make me happy and they are very enjoyable. We really do use all of our products. If we don't like the smell then we don't sell it. So speaking of that. We have a couple of new products that came out this month along with the name change. Our new Goat Milk soap "Retreat" smells amazing. So refreshing smelling. And our new Essential Oil Roll-on "Uplifting" It's patchouli essential Oil with Grapeseed Oil.

Sometimes change is good and sometimes it's bad. Most changes in life are for the good, it maybe tough going through it but in the long run it makes us stronger. And know we don't have to go through the change alone there's always someone watching out or watching over us.

So please bare with us as we change the item pictures. It may take us awhile. Be sure to check out the events on our home page. We sell wax warmers which I do not post on our website because they go so quickly. I only sell at events. Lots of fun at these events. Don't forget to get out and enjoy a little.

Peace unto you

Brenda & Mark

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